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Myaccount problems


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Ok I just did a clean install of OSC RC2... I restored the database from previous version... I have ran all of the SQL updates and everything.


Everything is working so far except when I login and select myaccoun I get an odd page that in red says

[TEP STOP] it does not show any of the account information. This is even after creating a new account and testing that. What is this and what do I do?

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Could you explain how you fixed the problem? I'm having same problems. Thanks


Sorry for the delayed answer.


After you are done with the clean install. Then you go restore your backup file. (I actually restored mine from a backup that I had a copy of on my computer.)


When you restore the back up it deletes the SQL that you had to enter during the install or upgrade.


So after your restore is complete go back to the download of RC2 and look at the upgrade file instructions you will see a requirement for SQL entry almost at the very beginning. You will have to open your myphpadmin and run the sql. Once I did that everything worked fine. Then create another backup as soon as you confirm that it works. That way if something happens you dont have to go through this again. If you have any other questions just PM me, I am by far no pro but I can try my best.


Here is the actual sql copied from the upgrade instructions.

alter table banners add index idx_banners_group (banners_group); alter table banners_history add index idx_banners_history_banners_id (banners_id); alter table currencies add index idx_currencies_code (code); alter table customers add index idx_customers_email_address (customers_email_address); alter table customers_basket add index idx_customers_basket_customers_id (customers_id); alter table customers_basket_attributes add index idx_customers_basket_att_customers_id (customers_id); alter table orders add index idx_orders_customers_id (customers_id); alter table orders_products add index idx_orders_products_orders_id (orders_id); alter table orders_products add index idx_orders_products_products_id (products_id); alter table orders_status_history add index idx_orders_status_history_orders_id (orders_id); alter table orders_products_attributes add index idx_orders_products_att_orders_id (orders_id); alter table orders_products_download add index idx_orders_products_download_orders_id (orders_id); alter table products add index idx_products_model (products_model); alter table products_attributes add index idx_products_attributes_products_id (products_id); alter table reviews add index idx_reviews_products_id (products_id); alter table reviews add index idx_reviews_customers_id (customers_id); alter table specials add index idx_specials_products_id (products_id); alter table zones add index idx_zones_to_geo_zones_country_id (zone_country_id); alter table orders_status add public_flag int DEFAULT '1'; alter table orders_status add downloads_flag int DEFAULT '0'; alter table orders modify payment_method varchar(255) NOT NULL; alter table whos_online modify last_page_url text NOT NULL;
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