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Assigning Multiple Product Codes To Single Product


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Is there a way in which we can assign multiple product codes to a single product?




I sell a t-shirt that comes in 3 sizes small, medium & large.


My supplier has a seperate product codes for each of these sizes TSHIRTS, TSHIRTM, TSHIRTL each with a different stock level.


At present I am using the TSHIRTL code and assigning attributes of Large, Medium & Small to the product.


However this way I can't assign each stock level to the attributes so I only use the size Large stock level.


When Medium & Small have sold out with the supplier the product still shows as I am using the Large stock level and therefore customers are buying the product choosing Medium or Small from the attributes and we can't fulfil as these are out of stock with the supplier.


End Example


I would be looking to assign the codes and stock levels for each product to the single code of SHIRTL and the only way I have managed to do this is if I show all three sizes as seperate products which starts to become a LOT of products.


If anyone could offer any assistance on this, or if it needs explaining any better, your comments will be appreciated.


Many Thanks


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I'll let someone else tell you not to bump, but there *IS* a contribution that will keep stock levels as you described, just can't remember what its called ...

Even at a Mensa convention someone is the dumbest person in the room.

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I am aware of the QTPRo contribution that will allow you to add seperate stock levels to the attributes but it won't allow you to assign different product codes to each variant.


Is this the contrbution you were referring to?


I'll keep looking on.




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