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The e-commerce.

Reset Admin Password help pls


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Hello everyone,



I had someone work on my site a long time back and it appears I have the wrong admin password documented.


I have tried to use the link here http://www.oscommerce-template-easy.com/ge...in-password.htm

Which basically has you edit the contents of the file and replace the password portion with a new encrypted password of your choice. I did this with both the password and even the user name but I still can not get into my admin panel. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?



Thank you,


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Do you have password protection set at directory level?


You can check this from your ISPs admin area, normally called something like password protect your directories.

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Solution for v2.2 RC2 not set at directory level


1. Log into your MySQL database

2. Navigate to 'administrators' table

3. Delete all rows, leave table and structure alone

4. Log into your admin, ex. www.mydomain.com/catalog/admin

5. Enter your new user name and password


Hope this helps!


Shean Hoxie

Webmaster- Kids Juke Box


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i have a contribution for this, click on the link on my contributions.

its a single use file upload and run, then enter new details and then delete the file.


Easy peesy


Login in to the cpanel for the site and look for the are marked passord protect directories open this and then open publi_html file and the admin folder should have a small padlock showing this is passworded click on the word "admin" this will open the password area for you to change username and password for this area.

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