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The e-commerce.

Just one more step left that I need help with...


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Hi Everyone,


I am soooo close to finally being done and am pulling out my hair with this last step.


My OS shopping cart is not communicating with my processor. The cart is passing almost no variables to the processor if any at all. Any help is appreciated as to how to fix this.




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<sigh> I can't believe I might actually get help with this. You have been the first person to offer and I have been on this non-stop for the last 4 days.


Um... I don't know what a credit card module is. I know I am using Plug and Pay as a processor and then I have a merchant account and am trying to integrate my OS Commerce shopping cart into this.


I saw on the Plug n Pay download section the module for the OS Commerce shopping cart so I installed that. I had 2 to choose from. One was to use with "Direct Payment Method For SSL Enabled Servers" and the other was "API Payment Method For SSL & CURL Enabled Servers". I first installed the API Payment Method one but was running into the problem I described above. So I removed that and installed the other one and that isn't working either. I asked Plug and Pay which one I should use and they are ignoring me.


Now, I can download a number of APIs as well, but I don't now which one to choose. I guess I would just download and install them after I figure out which one to use?


I have the SSL certificate installed and checked the curl and all works well.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you so much.

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You know what. I am using the Plug and Pay module. I had to FTP it into the catalog folder and when I log into OS Commerce admin section it shows as a payment module. Do I need API stuff to go with it? I'm so lost.


Hi, sorry I had to sign off last night. Did you get anywhere with this? I do not have that credit card module installed, plug and pay, but I can look into it for you if you still need help. I use a different one, but they are probably similar.

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Christine, I may be able to help you. Are you getting error messages or are you talking to the back end at the processor and know the batch did not go through? There are specific parameters that need to be put in for the 2 to communicate. Please PM me with the particulars.

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