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URGENT Deleted wrong file


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Panicking...... :'( I was deleting .gif files in batches using file manager from CPanel now my shops gone [Removed User Requested]

The database restore in admin backup doesn't fix it. I'm trying to get the backup zip downloaded from the server so i can select it through CPanels Backups but it's going to back track me a whole weeks work, as I thought by using the backup in admin I was protected and have been doing this one regular???? Obviously not!

Is there anyway to fix this without have to backdate my store? It seems to be the actual directory pages that are missing I'm just not sure which ones? If i can get that fixed i have an up to date mysql database backup in admin. :'( Please help I'm desperate!!!

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A few things:










Also, nice letting us into your admin area!

You might want to secure that bit at a minimum.


Also, you could try reuploading from your BACK UP.


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Copy your stylesheet.css and 2 configure.php files down onto your pc.


You seem to have deleted most of your site.


I would recommend changing your sql user name and password once you get the site back.

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