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Product Attributes in Admin


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Cheers all,


I have a shop up and running, but the Product Attributes page in Admin is a real pain in the rear end. I would like to be able to sort it as I wish. As it is now, it's completely and utterly random. See below. It looks like it's in alphabetical order, but it is not, there are products that should come before "Born to be wild"... productattrib.jpg

As long as I am within one page, it is in the order I typed it in, but as soon as I have more than one page, things get really messy. Products are not ordered by ID or product name or anything, they are random. Worse even, when I go to another page within this listing and then back to the page I was coming from, the content is changed. So it takes ages to find the product I am looking for and change it's attributes.

I wish I could sort them by product id or name or anything, just by clicking on the column heading. Or by any other means. Any contrib doing just that? The catalog side seems to be OK, it's only in this admin page I have problems. Weird huh? I hope someone knows how to get around this.


Thanks in advance!

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