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EasyPopulate Newbie Question! temp folder set correctly?


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I'm just setting up OSC for the first time, and am trying to install Easypopulate.


I haven't called the shopsite folder 'catalog' I've called it 'shop'.

So I've set the $tempdir lines to:


$tempdir = "/shop/temp/";

$tempdir2 = "/shop/temp/";


Is this correct? do I need the /s at the start? and the end?


The reason I ask is that from the admin EasyPopulate page I don't understand how to actually get hold of the text files I need to edit!

They weren't part of the contribution I uploaded when I installed it. I'm guessing it generates them when I use the lower links 'Create EP and Froogle Files in Temp Dir (shop/temp/)'

But no matter what I change these tempdir settings to, nothing ever appears the temp folder.


Please help! I don't really have a clue what I'm doing!!

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According to the manual (txt file) simply clicking on the download txt file button puts it on my local machine, but nothing appears to happen, except the screen refreshing! Help! Is it suuposed to put it in the temp folder? Or on my desktop? Or bring up a download dialog?

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Using 2.76e


Click build file, I get a save as popup box


Click Download Complete .csv file to edit, I get a save as popup box


click on Create Complete .csv file in temp dir I get a screen telling me what directory the file will be placed.

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Hmmm, that's weird, I don't get any dialogs, just the screen refreshing itself. Not sure what I've done wrong. It's not something that the host won't allow or anything is it? I'll start by checking the permissions

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I just don't get it!?


Does anyone have any other suggestions? I've checked again against the instructions, everything's inthe correct places, permission are set fine on the EP files in question, the temp folder is 777.


Still when I click on any of the links like : 'Download complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit' The screen simply refreshes. And clicking on the lower section links like : 'Createcomplete tab-delimited .txt file to edit ' does the same. Nothing appears in the temp folder.


Anything else I'm doing wrong? Is the php script not running correctly? What would cause that?


I've even tried changing the name back to 'catalog', I've tried it in IE, Forefox and Avant, and even asked the hosting company tech guys.


Come on, I'm tempted to buy a £100 off-the-shelf shopsite package if I can't get EP working for me!

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