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The e-commerce.

A quick run down of PHP anyone?


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Hi Im pretty new to OScommerce and Im trying to build a small store...and I bought a book to guide me through it and I read it but it's not much help...it does not explain what PHP is what so ever and Im trying to learn but am having trouble. Some questions, if I wanted to load a contribution, how would I do that? How can I customize my background and colors? Anything you can tell me I don't care what it is as long as it has to do with OScommerce I would be very greatful. Thanks.Tiny. :blink:

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Great attitude!!!!


Start by reading through the articles in the knowledge base and the user manual that is in the download.




Then head over to w3.schools.com for a grounding in html, css, php and my sql.


The stickies at the beginning of each forum are also very informative.


Happy reading

Need help installing add ons/contributions, cleaning a hacked site or a bespoke development, check my profile


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My Contributions

Basic install answers.

Click here for Contributions / Add Ons.

UK your site.

Site Move.

Basic design info.


For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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Was a newbie once this is what helped me understand the whole thing:


To make changes:


-The "look" is changed in stylesheet.css (what you see ie colours fonts)


-The "functionality" is changed in your database and in your files that hold the php coding.

Contributions let you know what files you need to add or modify to achieve the contributions functionality or improvement.


-Get very familiar with the oscommerce file structure and the main files that are commonly changed or added to, in easy terms : catalog/includes/languages.......... or catalog/admin/includes........ etc etc because to "load" a contribution you usually have to add to or change files and in some cases "run PHP scripts" in your database to make those changes work.


-Data you collect via your website like customer information or orders are stored in your database.


1. Files (php coding) are edited using either notepad (comes with windows) or better yet Note Tab Light or what ever text editor you prefer.


2. To "run" PHP script is done through your MyPHPadmin tool in your control panel.


Anyway this is how I have managed to get through!!

I hope this helps or at least adds to your confusion because people use different terminology for the same thing!!


The forums are a great way to get answers and the documentation site is definitely a good spot to start with.


good luck

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: ;)

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