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The e-commerce.

New member - General questions


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Hello to all,


First of all, I would like to say: WOW! Many Thanks for this open source EShop. It is so powerful!!!


I'm new member and would like just few answers before going further with OSCommerce.


I just installed it and setting up the administrativ options etc...


-1. Are there critical updates, fixes for security to install over this basic installation?

-2. Are there important updates to name quickly here to have more nice tools included to OSCommerce? :-)

-3. Is there anything I have to know that you think it is important for a new user please?


That's it, thanks again to all people who contribued to build this web shop template. :thumbsup:





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Depends on the version toy have downloaded but patches are included with each release of Oscommerce and are generally in the extras directory. The files have names like update-yyyymmdd.html and update-yyyymmdd.txt.


These files contain a shed load of patches that should be applied to a stock install, but as this is not shown as a step in the documentation / installation instruction that I have read, most people won't until they run into a problem. Then they will find a solution to one problem via the forums.





To answer your second question, i think, best to hunt through the contributions and install those that you want/need for your site.


Satish has a list of contributions he recommends for better site visibility on search engines and I always say Easy Populate for product uploading.


Finally read the knowledge base and bear in mind it may not be for the version you are installing.



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My Contributions

Basic install answers.

Click here for Contributions / Add Ons.

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For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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