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The e-commerce.

Is my IP banned from here ?


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OK this is a last resort. I've emailed the administrator and forum moderators but I have not had an answer.


When I use my own IP it will not connect and gives an error message. If I connect as now via a proxy server I can access the forum. I can also access from other computers.


Has my IP been banned ? If not what is the problem, I've even turned off all security, firewall etc but still no joy !


Please help.


Rob (D-Tech)

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No, my shop is with Streamline.net.


My own ISP is BT Broadband.


I just get an error message 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' if I try to access http://forums/oscommerce.com/index.php from my computer via my connection. If I go to an anonymous proxy server from my connection ,I can get straight on the forum but obviously at a very slow pace.


Only thing I can think of is my IP is blocked somehow ?


I will see if something is amiss in IE settings.


Doing a search on Google for problems with Osc brings up direct links, but I still get the same message when I try them?



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I think something was going on with the server earlier.


I couldn't connect either for a while, but it's straightened out (for me) now.

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"Headers already sent" - The definitive help


"Cannot redeclare ..." - How to find/fix it


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OK this is wierd.


I just checked my router security log and it appears to show this site as 'Disallowed access, Blacklist Site' what the heck is that? Where is it coming from ?


I've tried turning off the hardware firewall and internet security just for one try to the forum but still no joy. This has gone on for a week now.

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SUCCESS at last.


Don't ask me how but this site seemed to be blocked by my own router ! ! I checked for blocked site URLs but it was empty, but to be sure I clicked the 'clear' sites button.


This did the trick, the site now loads OK.

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