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The e-commerce.

a few questions


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1. the site im working on is a flooring website and when people are looking at their shopping cart, i want to change "qty" to "sqft" (square footage)


2. also how can i set a minimum purchase? i cant have people purchasing 3 feet and us having to send out 24 sqft or whatever the full carton is..


which leads me to #3

3. when we purchase the flooring goods from the manufacture, we have to purchase the footage in a bundle amount like '50 square feet per carton' so if someone wants 135 feet, they must purchase 150 feet in order to pay for the cartons..


make sense?


any help would be great, even if you can only help with one question at a time...



music. love. harmony.

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You should consider the quantity thing more. If you want to sell in complete cases, which most prefinished flooring is, then you should sell it by the case, and state "1 case = 26.5 square feet" Unless you are willing to break cases for shipping smaller quantities. The second thing, related to this is that not all cases have the same footage in a case. To give equal comparisons have a per foot price, but sell it by the case. This is the way the local home improvement store does it, and the customers seem to never have questions.

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