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Opening Store


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Well, I still have plenty of work to do but I need help with something very basic.


How do I edit the opening copy on the store home page? The text that says: This is a demonstration online-shop, any products purchased will not be delivered nor billed. Any information seen on these products are to be treated fictional...


I will be using PayPal as the only method for payment. Any suggestions about that?


Thanks for your help... this looks like a great tool and you guys have done a great job.



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Or as this post so clearly states:


Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2002 7:18 pm Post subject:




This is the clearest explanation I've found (earlier today) thanks to

PC eltr8




Any changes to the body text, titles, anything, on any page is always found in the languages file. So if the main page (home in your inference) is /catalog/default.php then go to /catalog/includes/languages/english/default.php for the text. Similarly if you wanted to change something in /catalog/checkout_process.php then go to /catalog/includes/languages/english/checkout_process.php. I found that the format is the same always. Even if you are changing things in modules - say you want to change text to /catalog/includes/modules/shipping/flat.php - then go

to /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/flat.php.

There is a system! Oh and of course I am directing you to the English directory coz I'm assuming that you have an English speaking site - if not its the same just use the appropriate directory instead of English.


Made me understand thing a whole lot better



Hope that helps...

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Thanks for your help. I did had search for an answer and did not find an answer at least right away. I think my confusion was because I did not know what to change thru templates and what to change thru the admin panel. For examples, I still don't know where to set the text for


Shipping & Returns

Privacy Notice

Conditions of Use

Contact Us


I now guess is on the templates since I did not find a way to change that on the admin panel. Sorry if I bothered you with my question. You are using phpBB for your boards which is a great bulletin board system, but I think the search funtion is a little weak. I use it myself on another site...


Thanks again!



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For examples, I still don't know where to set the text for


Shipping & Returns

Privacy Notice

Conditions of Use



you cannot change these via the admin - you must go straight to the php pages for these changes


your question was definitely not a bother - that is what everyone is here for - the search feature is a little weak -anyway, if you have any more questions the docs that mattice ( i think) mentioned above are a great resource.


Good luck!



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Files to change text for english is found in the catalogincludeslanguagesenglish directory.


For Shipping and Returns



For Privacy Notice



For Conditions of Use



Hope this helps.


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An easy way to find where to change text is to do a search for the text string. Both Windows and Linux have utilities for this. Say you want to change "Post Code" to "Zip Code". Do a search for all files containing the string "Post Code" and it will point you to the file that contains the string. Then open the file with a text editor and make the change.

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