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CVV2 masking


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Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to masking cvv2 in the database,

I can't seem to locate any contribution for this.

Greatly appreciate your time.



You are not alowed to store cvv2 at all... (that also goes aplies even if it is masked or encrypte)

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You are not alowed to store cvv2 at all... (that also goes aplies even if it is masked or encrypte)



Not exactly an answer to the question. There is obviously some contribs that let you aquire cvv2 numbers. And not all Merchant Services are the same, IPC compliant or not, If your merchant service lets you receive cvv2 numbers but no longer then 24hrs then there should be something that can delete the cvv2 upon request. Or masking once the order is complete.


Has no one ever made or found something that will mask cvv2 and cc numbers that actually works?

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I'm not aware of one, but you can probably make something out of the one of the credit card masking contributions.


However, toyicebear is correct in that you are not allowed to store Visa and Mastercard CVV2 numbers ever, not even encrypted and buried 10' in the ground. You're violating your merchant agreement by doing so and if your database is compromised, you will be liable and be subject to obscenely high fines by Visa/MC as well as possible legal action. This is not the call of your merchant account provider but directly from Visa/MC and is applicable to anyone processing those cards.


I assure you that we are not exaggerating.

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Please use the forums for support! I am happy to help you here, but I am unable to offer free technical support over instant messenger or e-mail.

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