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Suggestion: Improvements for Shipping Table Rates


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I have been surfing through Shipping contibutions and docs for a while and have not found a suitable solution to my shipping situation (which I would imagine is pretty standard for a small business website using OSC).


I am using table rates for shipping:




And I am using the Free Shipping contribution (ideally, the free shipping option would be included within the table):


FREE Shipping at $100


BUT - I need to disable Free Shipping at $100 for anywhere outside of the Continental US.


AND - I need to offer an Express Shipping option, which adds the following, based on shipping preference:




FINALLY, if the customer has qualified for free shipping but chooses an Express Shipping option, their shipping should reflect the express rate. For example:


$90 order to Mighigan = $10.95

$90 order 3-day to Mighigan = $20.95

$120 order to Michigan = FREE

$120 order 3-day to Michigan = FREE + $10


Rather than continuing to use Free Shipping and duplicate table.php, I'd like to include all three of these options into one shipping module.


Any suggestions?





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The Free Shipping add-on I wrote does not have any conditions set on it for this, but could be adapted to this.


You'd have to re-write the function that checks when to use free shipping and when to use the other shipping modules.


Free Shipping is setup based on 0 weight. Other conditions just reference the function that you see called in the shipping modules and you can add additional conditions to test for to determin how you want shipping handled.

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I have a function I use in conjuntion with the shipping modules to determin should the Free Shipping module show or the Regular shipping modules show.


The conditions are based on weight and which module is calling the funciton.


This could be adapted to look at price as well. That price can either come from the cart total or based on another condition(s)


If you get the Free Shipping and Payment v5.0 contribution I made, you can see how this works.


Adding in conditions like $cart->show_total() >=100 could be incorporated.


It could also be modified that it could show with the other modules when you want to offer Free shipping on qualified orders and additional shipping methods when you want to offer Express, Air etc.


Basically, you would be letting it show on qualified orders based on price or weight = 0 rather than just weight.


Then if the customer chooses Free Shipping that is the slow boat from China method ... or they can choose a more expediant method from the other modules.

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