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Quantity in Product Listing


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I've been diving through code to find where exactly OSC outputs the product quantity to the product listing screen in hope of changing what it outputs.


My aim is somewhat like...


if (stock >= 1) {

echo 'In Stock';


else {

echo 'Out of Stock';



I have a similar thing in the product viewer page, but I'd like to do this in the product listing page and cannot seem to find where I can do this.

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Never mind, found it.


For those who want to know...




Around line 105ish.




$lc_text = ' ' . $listing['products_quantity'] . ' ';


Replace with:


			if ($listing['products_quantity'] >= 1) {
		$lc_text = ' <font color=green>In Stock</font> ';
		else {
		$lc_text = ' <font color=red>Out of Stock</font> ';


Hope this helps someone.

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