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The e-commerce.

no idea for a title! msql update thing?


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my website penbeauty.com originally had the 1054 error, fixed that. Then when you clicked on one of the categories in one section, instead of having 83 items it said I had 190,000+ items ?? but that was all OK because my admin page was still correct. then I got the 190,000 thing fixed but now my cart doesn't show the prices it says 0.00 untill you actually click on the item for a description. Now my admin page has all the items w/ the 190,000 things!!! where do I start??

1. I need to fix the price thing

2. my admin page when you go to it under a category it will have the same title of a product with a different picture and the same price 1000's of times with pictures of basically all of the 2270 different products I sell?????

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Looks like you have tried to apply a patch and introduced a big problem.


Go back and review the changes you have made. Check and recheck you have done the update as spec'd. It is easy easy to make a mistake and put a new block of code in the wrong place.


I suspect you don't have a back up of the files before you changed them but if you do you could use a program such as winmerge to compare the old version to th current version.

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