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Account Numbers for all customers...


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Account Numbers for all users.


This post started on a different topic, but should be posted due to it's own right in OSC.


I want to implement Account Numbers for all users, this way each customer has an Account that is registered by a number rather than just a name and email.

This way I want a client to call up with their Account number ready so we can look them up with their details.


A few questions first:

Has anybody already done this?


If not why not? Are there bad implications in this that I have not thought about?

Have the core developers thought of this?? Again if not why not, there must be something I have not thought of.


How ueseful would this be to mst OSC owners? If interst is high, how may would consider helping in creating this, and offering their feedback into testing it?


So please drop your thoughts in here about giving all clients an individual Account Number, I want this to manually given out to the client when they sign up, then displayed at the top of their account when they log in.


What ya think??


Thanks guys.



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Just filling in the missing links, from the other thread:

I wrote:

I think theres a need for an account number - yes.  

This number should be generated offline by the shop-owner, and put into table customers by the shop-owner.  

Theres a lot of different Company policies concerning this accountnumber, so it can't / shouldn't be made automatically.  

I haven't made anything in that aspect.  

The accountnumber in this mod is just a textfield.  


Normal procedure would be:  

1. New Customer applies for becoming a customer at Company X  

2. Company X checks the customer offline  

3. Creates an account with all information in osc, with a temporary password  

4. Company X sends the customer-account information to the customer.  


3 and 4 can/should be used for existing customers, who wants to shop online.  


I would like to help you out on this one, if needed.


CC wrote:

Thanks for the feedback Olby.  


I like the ideas you have for this, and think it will indeed be useful to do it this way.  

I foresee one problem.  

If we were to do it this way we would need to be able to disable Purchase Order payment for all customer's without an official company credit acount.  

This way consumer buys do not have the option to use this, and only the credit companies do have the option.  


I will look more deeply into this and see how we could tie them together.  


That said I would still like to put in place Account numbers for all clients so I can track them this way.  

I want a client to call up with an enquiry and the first question they are asked is "Can I take your Account Number?"  


Then this brings up the relevant client in the customers section.  


Dont think this will be a small task, but surely one that is worth undertaking.  


Any help from any OSC users will ba appreciated.  

Any one who has already implemented this please shout up and offer us your assistance.


elari wrote:

maybe should be made with customers status ?  


maybe can set in cs the allowed payment for each status and then payment module can be auto disabled (something like the cod) if not allowed


I think that elari is on to something, but its not an easy mod to install, yet powerfull when running.


Dividing customers into different groups are the only way to handle this.

Best Regards


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