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Special Buttons for Contributions


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To everybody who makes a contribution or uses one (which means nearly every user is meant :) ),


I am currently designing button sets for the osc catalog ( http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=28287 ). Currently the following buttons from this osc directory cattalogcatalogincludeslanguagesenglishimagesbuttons are included:

























Not sure, but I guess that there are a variety of contributions out, which need special addiditonal buttons.


So - if you think for a moment: Are you using or developing any contribution which needs a specially designed button?


If so - please post it here, by section, name of the button, contribution and languages.



catalogue section - button_special.gif - for the xxx contribution - English: "special" - Spanish "especial" and so on.



I am currently only doing buttons for the catalog section, but if you need special buttons for the admin section - just post them as well.


Thanks to all of you.


EL Bavaro

EL Bavaro

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Thoses are standard buttons that come with oscomerce. It makes those

round coners in info boxes.


See the modified version of these corner images at



So...it will be nice to have for example>

If I use Milano Type 1 Green buttons, It people could download Green infobox images and stylesheet to match the infobox colors. People can always elect not to use infobox image and style but it would be cool to give them matching look.

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Kevin none of those are really main buttons, they are do have a function, but they are not the type of buttons elbavaro is speaking about.


However, Ian's Gift Voucher mod is very popular and contains these buttons which would need creating while your at it.





And erm...

I think there might be one more, but i forgot. :)



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Very nice looking buttons! I would love to use them on my site.

How can I create Ukrainian and Russian sets? Do you have these button withone any writings in them? This way people could write in their own language. Any chance of getting the blanks?

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great if you could help me on russian and ukrainian.


Please look at




copy the left hand button_xxx.gif names and add the russian and ukrain translation.


I will integrate it into the list - and do (later on) some buttons sets for it.


Thanks for your help in advance.


EL Bavaro

EL Bavaro

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I would like Korean Buttons but I don't think you can do them since you will need Korean IME and also requires different keyboard.


I think I will have to wait until .png files are available so I can do them my self and send them back to you.


Do you have any idea when you will make .png files available? or can you send me 1 .png file so I can make 1 set and send them back to you?


Please let me know...thanks.


I am almost done with Korean language pack for contribution so it would be nice to have matching buttons to go with it too.

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button_buy_now.gif 	 Koop nu!

button_delete.gif 	 Verwijder

button_back.gif 	 Terug

button_login.gif 	 Login [OR] Aanmelden 

button_search.gif 	 Zoeken

button_continue.gif 	 Verder [OR] Doorgaan

button_in_cart.gif 	 In mandje [OR] In winkelwagen 

button_checkout.gif 	 Naar Kassa

button_update.gif  Verander!

button_update_cart.gif  Verander! 

button_reviews.gif 	 Recensies

button_edit_account.gif  Wijzig gegevens

button_edit_adress.gif  Wijzig adres

button_history.gif 	 Mijn bestellingen

button_address_book.gif  Adresboek

button_notifications.gif  Notificaties

button_confirm_order.gif  Bevestig!

button_write_review.gif  Schrijf recensie

button_change_address.gif	Verander adres

button_shipping_options.gif  Verzend opties

button_remove_notifications.gif Verwijder (Notificaties)

button_add_address.gif          Nieuw adres

button_tell_a_friend.gif        Mail door naar iemand [that sucks a bit...suggestions?]

button_quick_find.gif  Snelzoeken

button_status.gif 	 Status

button_accounting.gif  Berekeningen

button_qtyprice.gif  Stuksprijs (???)

button_description.gif          Beschrijving

affiliate_clickthroughs.gif     Doorklik totaal

affiliate_sales.gif  Verkopen

affiliate_billing.gif  Betalingen


Please post better suggestions....

I now finally realise why we are not a World Power...

what a weird language that Dutch... :D


"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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Download = Download

Archive = Archief

Select = Selecteer

Select = Selecteer

Build Link = Bouw link

Banners = Banners

The last one is a tricky one, the word banner is often used in dutch, but not an official dutch word. I still would use banner in stead of a weird dutch word...


If you need any other help with dutch things, you'll let me know?

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure." George W. Bush, Jr

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dutch translation has been updated.



russian and ukrain translation updated. I can not show the translation on my webpage (due to the characters) - but I will be able to generate buttons. (Already tested it).


Thanks to both of you for yor help.

EL Bavaro

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