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The e-commerce.

Help me please


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Ok, I'm not stupid, and I HAVE read the documentation, and I have searched the help topics, and read the forum posts and I find this product absolutely confounding, my programmer friends keep saying "OSC isn't for regular users, its for programmers - if you don't have years of programming experience you won't ever figure out hour to use this." However none of them are PHP nerds... of course.


I cannot figure out how to change a page title, or install a module to allow for flat file uploads or basically ANYTHING at all. I have killed a couple of boxes and added a new header image. I am ready to hire someone - anyone that will come in and wave the magic PHP wand and make my troubles disappear.


I have 10,000 products to add, I additionally need to set up a way for the shipping to be figured from different zip codes depending on the product we use drop shippers - so I need the shipping to calculate from the shipping location to the destination, NOT from the store "home" location.


Plus all of the sudden on product detail pages the table headings are: " TABLE_HEADING_IMAGE TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS+ TABLE_HEADING_PRICE TABLE_HEADING_BUY_NOW" - where the customer can see it and its taking up so much space its shoving the page apart so that the right column sticks out of the wrapper.


I admit defeat - where oh where can I find someone that can fix my store without having to mortgage my house to pay them.

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Not very helpfull,


osc is a bit tricky to start with but if you can follow instructions, use filezilla or other ftp progrm most things are possible.


First find the knowledgebase.


On the bar above click on Solutions >> Documentation >> Knowledgebase


To edit most of the titles and screen content look in /includes/languages/english.php and the files in /includes/languages/english/....... not to mention admin/includes/languages/....


Easy Populate is a good contribution for uploading products to your site 2.7e I believe is a good version.


Where are you based?

Need help installing add ons/contributions, cleaning a hacked site or a bespoke development, check my profile


Virus Threat Scanner

My Contributions

Basic install answers.

Click here for Contributions / Add Ons.

UK your site.

Site Move.

Basic design info.


For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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Don't be down hearted LaWanda, Geoffs advice was good advice and I also second that the previous post was unnecessarily unhelpful.


A good part of learning oscommerce is understanding the way things are structured.


For example .. whenever you see something like TABLE_HEADING_IMAGE or TITLE_TEXT this will be some text that is defined in the language files .. these are all in ..




or in catalog/includes/languages/MYLANGUAGE.php


They look like this (using .. "I cannot figure out how to change a page title", as an example)


// header text in includes/header.php
define('HEADER_TITLE_CREATE_ACCOUNT', 'Create an Account');


This means that HEADER_TITLE_CREATE_ACCOUNT actually prints to the screen Create an Account


That is just one example and Geoffs pointers are a great place to start learning .. it is also worth mentioning that any confusing tep_SOMETHING() are functions which can generally be found in ..






good luck and don't get downhearted, many people here (tens of thousands I would guess) started like you and created great sites.

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