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i might be incorrect here, but look in the manufacturers.php file, in there (or one of the functions used on that page) should be a database query along the lines of SELECT manufacturers_image FROM manufacturers WHERE ......


You have a choice to either run that kind of query on its own in the product_info page using the selected id of the product, and then output the image from that, or you could incorporate the manufacturers image retrieval into the original database query where the product details are retrieved with something along the lines of (bear in mind this isnt going to be the whole query as I'm a bit rusty with OSC and cannot remember the database names and what the current query looks like very well... its been many months since I looked at it).


SELECT p.*, pd.*, m.manufacturers_image FROM products p INNER JOIN products_description pd ON p.products_id = pd.products_id INNER JOIN manufacturers m ON p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id WHERE products_id = the_current_selected_product_id LIMIT 1


im sure you can then borrow the way/code that the manufacturers page uses to output the image to display the image neatly.


Anyways, let me know if you find the database query on the manufacturers page and the one on the product info page and I may be able to assist taking it from there. Or at least someone will I'm sure! I just don't have access to a test environment or the code at the moment.

always here to offer some useless advice....

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This code works for me


<?php echo tep_get_manufacturers_image($product_info['products_id']); ?>


just make sure all your items have a manufacture selected.



I have just tried that and it comes up with call up errors, any other ideas?




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Hi Phpgirl


Thank you for your last post i had to adjust the code a bit but i have got it to work perfectly


Thank you so much





I Try to do the same thing on product_listing.php but i only get the red cross image, if i display the properties of the image i only get , so is missing the name of the file to display...


Anyone can help on this???


Best Regards

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