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The e-commerce.

A few new features.


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My store is at http://www.kwdhome.com.


Please let me know what you think of my store policies page at



How do my sub categories look here:



What do you think about the sold out button?:




Any comments will help. Be brutal if you wish.

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Verbose. How much of that is really necessary? For example, are you selling securities or soliciting investment in your company via the site? If not, then why do you have language in your policy about securities? That's an example only. It looks as though the policy was written to cover everything without regard to the actual business. You want to protect yourself legally, but you don't need to kill your sales to do that.


Use a smaller font. :-)



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Good Day,


Review done in Firefox2.0/broken WinXP Pro, 1024x768 16 bit resolution, comments in no particular order.


I went on a product page and the first thing I noticed was that your footer images were duplicated underneath the product Reviews/Add to Cart bar. I only need to see them once per page.


Wow, a thousand pixel wide header image. I guess you don't like people with 800x600 video (that image causes a width scroll bar for them).


Pages seemed to load fairly quickly. Images looked decent. You really could use some verbage on the category pages to make the shopping experience friendlier.


Opening your Store Policies page is almost scary. <h2> size font for the "You agree to the terms..." section.


As I traversed your site my inner web user voice told me that "this is just another one of those internet stores run from a kitchen table". There was nothing about the company other than "www.kwdhome.com is owned and operated by KWD Ventures". You have an 800 number (good), but anyone can get one for $10/month. The Google Checkout is about the only thing that gives me any assurance about your site.

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Thanks for your input! The double footer was an experiment. My conversion rate went up after adding the badges right below "Add to cart". I will be removing the badges from the true footer and placing them in all of our pages at the bottom instead. I will be moving some of our excess verbage away from the conditions page and moving it to the categories page next week. I agree I need to get rid of the "kitchen table" image as there's not even one kitchen table in our store! I've got the sink, but alas, no table! ;)


Right now our store is centered at 1000 pixels. 8 percent of our traffic is using 800x600 and for some odd reason out of thousands of visitors I am the only fool using 1152x864. I guess the best solution is to un-center the page and split the banner in half. I imagine we have lost sales from people not being able to figure out how to scroll to the right to check out.


While on my "to do list," I have put the re-wording and font correction of our conditions page on the back burner for now. Out of all our visitors the only ones who look at it come from www.oscommerce.com/forums save one person.


Thank you for pointing out that the "about us" page is MIA. I have one standing by that just needs approval before I put it up.


Are these the issues that would prevent you from buying something on our site, or is there something else that makes you feel uncomfortable?

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Might have to try an experiment with security logos.


The SSL issue would keep me from purchasing. (Honestly, I don't always read the terms and conditions pages) The lack of anything "identifying" would be my biggest hindrance. (Your product line I usually purchase locally.) (Heck, I purchase locally as much as possible.)


I checked on the resolution stats for the last 6 months on a couple sites of mine...


Resolution Joke Site Industrial Site

1024x768 52.44% 45.84%

800x600 14.06% 8.2%

1152x864 3.2% 7.95%

1280x1024 11.94% 14.69%


Smallest 320x240 320x396 (visually impaired?)

Largest 1600x1200 2560x1600

Range Middle Larger Sizes


Instead of a fixed width site why not go with a centered percentage (95%)? Maybe cut down the long logo and float the parts right and left. It should look relatively similar in many browsers, especially with larger resolutions. There probably is a way in javascript to make maximum and minimum browser sizes - way beyond my limited scripting abilities. I brought this up because on my 1024x768 I got an annoying little horizontal scroll bar in my Firefox and all over a couple pixels too. I know 800x600 would dislike the page. (It can be almost shocking sometimes to see your own site in other people's browsers.)


Don't think I mentioned this before, but your pages seem to all load fairly quick.


I wish you well in your venture. Have a great day.

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What's wrong with our SSL?

Reply A: Ah, S**t - that's the other site I reviewed that didn't have SSL.

Reply B: Opps - that's the other site I reviewed that didn't have SSL.

My apologies.

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