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Please see the image below. In the modules catagory, it is not showing all options. On the far right of the screen, there are no expanded details appearing. It only affects modules (payment, shipping and order totals). Please could someone tell me which file handles the processing of this, as I think replacing the file with a fresh copy would fix it, as I have made a few changes to many files, but I'm not sure which one did this.


Image of screen here


Many thanks in advance.

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I can tell you the file is






But really you need to find out which bit of the installation instructiojn you didn't follow exactly.


Did you run the sql to add the information about these modules to the database (as per any installation instructions )

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Have a look at the last post here, it may help:



I love you and want your babies :thumbsup:


For reference for anyone else with this problem.........

my FTP was setup to replace files, and rename old copies. eg. upload a newer copy of "/includes/modules/order_total/paypal.php" and my FTP would save the old copy in the folder as "paypal_old.php" so the number of files in the folder was higher than modules.php expected. I just cleaned up the folders of extra un-needed files, and hey-presto!


Thanks for input all!

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