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I don't want Available in Stock to show...


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How do I remove this? I had assumed that it would be in the admin under product listings, but I already have that set at 0 and I can still see it. I don't have an inventory and simply order on behalf of client so having "Available in Stock" is misleading and unnecessary.


Thanks to anyone who can let me know how to fix this.

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In you admin section you will find "Stock" under the configuration settings.


Check stock level: false

Subtract stock: false

Allow checkout: true

The other ones you can leave blank.


Take care!:)



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There is a switch in one of the language files that says Don't show Available stock :)


Check /includes/languages/webmakers_added_languages.php and /includes/languages/english/quantity_controller.php


Just change it from 1 to 0

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as for where I see it - on any and all items - once a customer has clicked on the actual product and can see all of the description, etc they see this at the bottom:


This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 November, 2002.


Quantity Discounts

1-6 7-48 49-99 100+

$34.32 $32.74 $31.15 $28.78




Available In Stock: 1000

Add Qty:



I want to remove "Available In Stock: 1000 "



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As I said before /includes/languages/english/quantity_control.php



// quantity_control.php



// Show Available Stock on product_info

define('SHOW_AVAILABLE_STOCK','1'); // 0= off 1=on

define('SHOW_AVAILABLE_STOCK_TEXT','Available In Stock:');


I added an ler to the filename ... but it was close ... :shock:

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I PROMISE I am not trying to appear dumber than I feel right now, but in my includes/languages/english/quantity_control.php I have this as the top header:



// quantity_control.php





// Taxes

define('DISPLAY_PRICE_LIST_WITH_TAX','0'); // 0= off 1= on

define('DISPLAY_PRICE_REBATE_WITH_TAX','0'); // 0= off 1= on




Nowhere in that file is this:


// Show Available Stock on product_info

define('SHOW_AVAILABLE_STOCK','0'); // 0= off 1=on

define('SHOW_AVAILABLE_STOCK_TEXT','Available In Stock:');




So I thought I should add in and give it a try but still no luck - if that section of code is not in that file - where can the script be pulling that info from?



Sorry again!! I am not usually as absent minded as I feel right now :cry:

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Well just heck ...


Apparently I have the v5.0 language file in that v5.1


Umm ... give me a bit to remake that stuff.


You are the first to find this one ... thanks for tripping over it, I did not know there was any missing definitions.


Technically you can just add those two lines in there, but I am concerned if anything else might be missing.


I will put together a new zip of it and you can grab the language files out of that.

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Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I will wait anxiously for the update....



Just FYI - Here is the quality_control.php that I have in the 5.1 version:





// quantity_control.php





// Taxes

define('DISPLAY_PRICE_LIST_WITH_TAX','0'); // 0= off 1= on

define('DISPLAY_PRICE_REBATE_WITH_TAX','0'); // 0= off 1= on


// Product Qty, List, Rebate Pricing and Savings


define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_TEXT','Add Qty: ');

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_MIN_TEXT','<br>' . ' Min Qty: ');

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_MIN_TEXT_INFO','Order Minumum is: '); // order_detail.php

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_MIN_TEXT_CART','Order Minimum is: '); // order_detail.php

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_MIN_TEXT_CART_SHORT',' Min Qty: '); // order_detail.php

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_UNIT_TEXT',' in Units of: ');

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_UNIT_TEXT_INFO','Order in Units of: '); // order_detail.php

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_UNIT_TEXT_CART','Order in Units of: '); // order_detail.php

define('PRODUCTS_ORDER_QTY_UNIT_TEXT_CART_SHORT',' Units: '); // order_detail.php




define('ERROR_PRODUCTS_UNITS_INVALID','Invalid Units: ');


// List Price

define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_LIST_TEXT','List Price: ');

define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_LIST_SLASH','<s>'); // set to '' for no slash on the List Price; set to '<s>' for a slash through the List Price


// List/Regular Price less Special Price

define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_SAVINGS_SHOW','1'); // set to 1 to show savings from products_price - specials_new_products_price individually turn on with <!--//* SPSP *//--> in product name when set to 0

define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_SAVINGS_SHOW_TEXT','Savings of:'); // text for savings

define('COMPARE_PRODUCTS_PRICE_SAVINGS_TO','2'); // 1= Regular 2= List


// Rebate Price

// Assumes the products_price_rebate is the actual price after rebate

define('REBATE_SHOW_SAVINGS','1'); // set to 1 for show rebate savings. This can be individually turned on with <!--//* SRSP *//--> in Product Name when set to 0

define('REBATE_SHOW_SAVINGS_TEXT','Save After Rebate:'); // text used if showing savings

define('PRODUCTS_PRICE_REBATE_TEXT','After Mail-in Rebate:');

define('COMPARE_TOTAL_SAVINGS_TO','4'); // 1= Regular 2= Special/Regular 3=List/Regular 4= List/Special/Regular


// Rebates Box and Listing



define('REBATE_BOX_TEXT','After Rebate:');


define('TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_PRODUCTS_REBATES', 'Displaying <b>%d</b> to <b>%d</b> (of <b>%d</b> products with Rebates)');

define('TEXT_PRICE_REBATE','After Rebate:');



define('PRODUCTS_OPTIONS_SORT_BY_PRICE','0'); // set to 1 to sort by price otherwise by products_options_sort_order, products_options_values_name

define('ATTRIBUTES_SPACE_BETWEEN','10'); // Adds space between Attribute groups on product_info.php


// Show Product Image in Cart

define('SHOPPING_CART_IMAGE_ON','1'); // on='1' off='0'

define('SHOPPING_CART_MINI_IMAGE','.75'); // resize image for shopping cart


// Shopping Cart Savings

define('SHOPPING_CART_TOTAL_SAVINGS_FROM_LIST','1'); // 0= from products_price 1= from products_price_list/products_price

define('SHOPPING_CART_TOTAL_SAVINGS','Total Savings:');



// Shopping Cart Rebates

define('SHOPPING_CART_TOTAL_REBATES','1'); // 0= off 1= on

define('SHOPPING_CART_TOTAL_REBATES_SAVING','3'); // 1= Total of Rebates 2= Total of Regular Price-Rebate 3= Total of List Price-Rebate or Regular Price-Rebate

define('SHOPPING_CART_TOTAL_REBATES_TEXT','Mail-In Rebate Offers:');


// Shopping Cart Additional Text



// Price controls based on Price, Quantity or HTML comment tag - comment tags must be unique and as described below





// The first filter is used for multiple table selects and the second definition is used for single table selects.

define('THE_NEW_PRODUCTS_FILTER',"and date_format(p.products_date_added, '%Y%m') >= date_format(now(), '%Y%m')");

define('THE_NEW_PRODUCTS_FILTER2',"and date_format(products_date_added, '%Y%m') >= date_format(now(), '%Y%m')");

// above definitions replace old definition below

// define('SHOW_NEW_LABEL_FOR','2002-07-24 00:00:00'); // Year Month Date Time



// WebMakers.com Added: Banner Manager


define(BOX_HEADING_COLUMN_BANNER,'Visit Our Advertisers');





Thanks again! I was losing my mind!!!



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Okay now I am pulling my hair out !!!! (Needs to be cut anyway :)


So I downloaded the new files and uploaded - I changed the available option to 0 and also changed the column scroll to 0 - I have also deleted my cookies and guess what????


Still have scroll bars on the categories and still see Available in Stock :lol:


Can I be any more confused :?




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okay corrected the column issue - don't know what happened there - but the available stock is still showing - I guess here is my question - when I did NOT have the correct define in the quantity_control.php file, it still showed the Available in stock feature - I shut everything off in the admin section so where would it be pulling that from?

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I am starting to dislike that v5.1


Edit product_info.php and change:


 <td colspan="2" class="main" align="right"><?php echo 'Available In Stock: ' . $product_info_values['products_quantity']; ?></td>



To read:


// WebMakers.com Added: Show Available Stock




 <td colspan="2" class="main" align="right"><?php echo SHOW_AVAILABLE_STOCK_TEXT . ' ' . $product_info_values['products_quantity']; ?></td>





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Granted I broke it in the first place ... :roll:


Thanks for finding those problems. Also has suggested a few new fixes needed on there for v5.2


It's always something ... and if it's not something it's something else ... :lookround:

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