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How To Decrypt User Password


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I've been using OsCommerce for over a year now... very successfully! However, sometimes PayPal transactions end without the user returning to my site to complete checkout. I get the PayPal money but then have to check the user out manually. I do this by looking at the "welcome" email they were sent showing their email address and password. However, today this error occurred but the user has apparently changed their password from what they originally entered. How can I "decrypt" their password so I can log in and finish checking them out? I already have their paypal money but without being able to check them out I can't complete the transaction.


Help, please! I've looked at the login.php and database functions scripts, but I thought there might be a method someone has already developed for this.

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I tried copying the encrypted password from the database and pasting it in the password field, but that didn't work. Possibly because, as it turns out, the password was null?


Here's what I finally did instead... I went in to the user's account and changed the email address to mine. Then I sent a password reminder to that email address. Then I changed the user's account back to their email. A bit clunky, but it works. Should be able to take the function that does the decryption for the password reminder email and just make a php page that does the same thing, accessible only to admins, of course. :-)

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use the Paypal IPN contribution... I think it fixes problems with users not clicking on "continue" after they make payment.

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