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Custom Hack, Developer Wanted Urgent


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I'm looking for a developer who can work with me on a hack and get paid.

"I am trying to sell phonecards online and I want to make sure that each card is associated with it's unique PIN number and I want the PIN Number to be viewable only after the order process is done successfully . So it is crucial that the pin number only shows up only after the user has paid, how do I do that? .



Or maybe if it's possible create another table that will hold the phone card pin numbers and make it so that if the or der is confirmed the user sees a pin number based on the price of the card he/she bought and the pin be removed from the inventory."


Please send your quote to shahed@cnsny.com

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I'd modify the Gift Voucher contribution to retrieve the "certificate number" in your case PIN from a table instead of randomaly generating one. I haven't really looked at the code yet but it probably wouldn't require a miracle.


GV 2.10 -> http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,272/type,3


Micah Toland

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Yes the image with a pin idea would work but the point is to not have each card be a different product. I am talking about selling thousands of cards per month. That would require tons of maintenance. The gift voucher add on seems like a good idea but I myself am not a programmer, but I am willing to pay someone to program something for me. I need something that will pull the pin out of a database depending on the denomination and type of card and pull that pin out of inventory. Then to have it display the pin on an image of the card that I have designed. There will be a dif. image for each product. Can anyone do this??




Thank you



Where would I be without the Forums?!?!

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