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The e-commerce.

just a few more newbie questions....


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First, When my host copied my files over to my domain it seems NONE of my modules made the move. :shock: Would some one please tell me if I can get the payment, shipping, and order total modules?


Second, I would like to have my top browser window bar, display my companies name and not OS commerce. Is there a place to change this? In web pages I have designed in the past I simply named the index page what ever the company I was freelancing for wanted there. But I am a designer and not a developer so some of the real obvious stuff escapes me. :oops: If it were not for Linda rescueing me more times than I care to admit I would be screwed!!! :)

If at first you do not succeed, skydiving is not for you!

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Do you mean you don't have FTP access to your files?

If you don't, ask your ISP, you will need it to upload modified files.


As for the logo, you can upload your own to the 'images' directory. Name it oscommerce.gif, et voil?!



Christian Lescuyer

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If you mean you don't want OsCommerce to appear as the title of your web page, then you need to change this in the following file:




...round about line 44 should be this:


// page title

define('TITLE', 'Your Page Title');


change the part that says 'Your Page Title' to whatever you want to show up at the top of every page, you'r going to want to leave the single quotes :wink:


Hope that helps...



Installed Modules:

Dynamenu, InfoBox Admin, Master Products v.1.2, Header Tags Controller, Multiple Products Manager, Quick Edit in Admin, Secure Admin, Ultimate SEO URL's, EZ Secure Order, Easy Populate v.2.76d MS2, AuthorizeNet_AIM, ChangeFinal Breadcrumb Title, FedEx Labels, Fedex Direct 2.06, How Did you Hear 1.5, Login a la Amazon, UPS XML 1.2.4, USPS Labels, USPS Methods API MS2

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