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Order Query Possible ??


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First off After 1 year of using OSCommerce It's wonderful !! Congrats on all the work.


I have found 1 thing that I think would really improve on it but have no php exp really so if someone else has done this or can it would be great. I think it would be a mod that alot of people could use.



I would like to see a query or a page where you could actually list the products that are on order in the store something like this.


Click on Admin Reports

Select < Open Item/Order Listing>

Page Opens

Select <Order Staus>

Select <Show Items Button>

Page processes and returns a list of items that are on order based on selection of status.


I know this is probably a really easy sql query but I do not know that much SQL/PHP and the structure of the tables is beyond me to figure out how the item relates to being on order other than it being linked to the users acct and order info.


Does anyone else even think this would be easy or even a good idea?



A Satisfied OSCommerce User

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We're currently in the process of developing some more detailed reporting functionality for OSC. THe most recent contribution can be found here:




Future additions will include graphs, category/subcategory sales, and more. I will add you suggestion to the To Do list, if it's not too urgent a request. If you or anyone else develops this report beforehand, please let me know so that it can be added to our reporting package.





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I checked your screen shot and so far looks great if you add more please let me know so I can keep uptodate with it. I could not belive no one had made this or had not seen a use for it. We get quite a few orders everyday and scrolling thu pages and pages to see what is on order is not very efficient.


Thnaks for your reply.




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