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The e-commerce.

Can osCommerce do this?


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I have a question about whether or not osCommerce can be used for a particular ecommerce setup. I should tell you first, though, that I am an ecommerce novice (at least with regard to technology). I have worked with a proprietary shopping cart (written in vbscript) in the past, but all I basically did was customize it to match the look and feel of two new websites. I tweaked the vbscript a bit, but not much.


That being said, here's my question.


I have a client who wants to implement an ecommerce system on their website, but for the moment, the bulk of their commerce has to do with registrations for conferences. They already have a merchant account, but to my knowledge, it isn't for online transactions, so they would either have to inform their bank of their desire to do online transactions or get a second merchant account only for online transactions.


If possible, they would like to bypass the stage of having credit cards approved by an online processor. What they would like to do is have an online shopping cart but then receive notification of the order via email and then be able to access the order details through a secure website. They would then want to process the orders manually, either through a terminal or software their bank provides them with.


I have a few questions in regard to this:


1. Is this possible with osCommerce?

2. Does the documentation have specific instructions for this type of approach?

3. Anything else I should be thinking about?


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer - I really appreciate it.


Frank Johnson

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There might be a problem cause they won't have a card present at transaction.


I've been in contact with a couple merchant account suppliers/gateways and they always send me a card-not-present addendum.


I recently however started working for this one company, and they use a voice recording in place of the signature. I wont bore you with what is said in the recording but is has served them for 15 years.


I am in the midst of gettting it setup also.

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In Europe you will have to get a mail-order contract with the card companies if the card is not actually present. Voice recording will not be seen as a valid 'signature', a faxed one will...

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