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The e-commerce.

how to install templates


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I have a pdf regarding installing of template......if u want i can mail u .

hey buddy do u still have the pdf file regarding installing of templates, if so can you please email the instructions to me nim.luong@abc-tech.com.au


thanks buddy


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I have a pdf regarding installing of template......if u want i can mail u .


Please can mail me syed@hod.com.sa


Thanks & Regards

Syed Shafiullah

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So, has ANYONE who has asked for this PDF actually received it? Or is this just an ongoing meaningless thread?

At least it is a spam bot's paradise with all these valid email address for grabs...

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Please, I am curious as well. I just went through 7 pages waiting to see if there was a hint of anyone actually receiving the mystery pdf. And wondering if anyone would be decent enough to actually post a link to it, if it actually exists. But not a single person who supposedly received the pdf actually came back and said anything. For all you future people who come here and post your email address would you come back and let us know if you receive something?

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Since this thread consists mainly of "send the file to me" posts, I wonder why this file, if it exists, does not get posted here so others can use it? Surely someone would have received it by now? But skipping over that, to all of you who want to know how to install a template, why not just ask directly? Most templates come with instructions on how to install them. But if yours does not, there is no secret way that will make it easier. The following should get you started though.


If your template is for a different version of oscommerce than what your shop is, scrap the template and get one that matches. The template you have can be made to work but requires more effort than is worthwhile, in my opinion. If you don't know what version your shop is, see the link in my signature.


If you have a new shop and the template is of the same version as your shop, then you can just upload the files from the template over your files and it will be installed.


If you don't have a new shop (some code changes have been made to it), then you need to compare each file in the template with the corresponding file in your shop to see what changes are needed and make those on a file-by-file basis. There are compare programs that will make this easier. WinMerge is a free one that works well.


Before making any changes to your files, you should back them up first so that if something goes wrong, you can always do a restore to get your shop running again.



Support Links:

For Hire: Contact me for anything you need help with for your shop: upgrading, hosting, repairs, code written, etc.

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Having had a quick look round there seem to be quite a few sites that sell templates that have quite comprehensive installation instructions.


I googled template help and found a site which explains how to install templates in osc, but doesn't have a link, that I could see, to actually purchase one.


Anyway, if you want to buy a template, check there are good installation instructions and/or support available before you buy.

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Basic install answers.

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For links mentioned in old answers that are no longer here follow this link Useful Threads.


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