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Product tables


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I'm considering using oscommerce since it looks absolutely great but I have a a few particular questions:


1. I have 5 different product types each with different attributes. I don't want to dump the info into the description field because I will ultimately want to sort the product index by these attributes. How complex is it to set up unique product types, so when you create one, you can choose from product a,b,c,d,or e?


2. Products can be in multiple categories. If I change the php and the tables, what other code will this impact and how much work is it?


3. I must be able to browse by different criteria based on the attributes describes above. Currently, I create an array of a table (attribute list) and generate an index based on the attribute selected. Is this a pain to modify in oscommerce?

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the product types are not hard at all (if your not afraid of code)


just create a new table that holds your types:


1) video

2) dvd

3) whatever



then in the table products you add the type_id for that product.

Next you will need to adapt all queries (or use a self made func to get the type) for your products.

Add the type_id in a dropdown on the search results etc.

Adapt the admin side...



Not a problem, osC supports copying products on different categories by default. It does not get affected by the scenario I described above.


3. You can do that by using a query that also looks for the product type id.

Just use the default listing with a dropdown that limits the result to product_type XX




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