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$prefix ?


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Certainly, we can edit each individual table name in application_top.php, and then edit every instance of it over in the whatever.sql text file prior to loading it into a database..


But didn't there used to be a $prefix entry in each call to a database table name, and a corresponding definition defined in configure.php? Is my memory failing me or was this removed?


Something like:

define('$prefix', 'shop3_'); OR

define('$prefix', 'asparagus_');




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so whats the outcome of this is there a way of adding a prefix to the files as i'm in the same boat and have to change every file over to add shop_ etc in front of all tables.



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Hi there,



to set up db table prefixes, which I have currently done can be achieved by adding the prefix onto the db tables, then in the application_top.php file, change the define('TABLE_CUSTOMERS', $prefix_name . '_customers');


add in the prefix_name variable to all of the db table defines, and this will set your db table structure up, now the only problen is ensureing you are getting the right prefix for the tables....or you can hard code it so it will not change.....





Peter McGrath


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