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Opinions on 2checkout.com


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I'm in the US and have read in some posts that some customers don't like PayPal. I can't afford to do a full merchant account and have seen 2checkout.com mentioned in some post. I would like some opinions of the service. I think 5.5% discount is a bit much twice that of PayPal, but if it keeps customers, I think it might be worth it. Is there anybody in the US using it? What are your experiences with the service.


Thanks for your time.



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We've been using it for about a month or so and don't have any complaints yet. But we've only had a couple of orders also.

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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I've been using 2CO since I went live 4 months ago. It's easy to implement and I've never had a problem. I don't think the fees are all that bad. A bit higher than having a merchant acount once you are up and running, but the entry fee is much lower at the start.


I'll probably keep it until I get more volume, then I may look into a merchant account with a bank and all that...



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A question for 2checkout users...can I confirm:


1) Person decides to buy from your shop

2) They go through your shop account sign up, and are presented with the different options of how to pay

3) If they choose 2checkout, and confirm then they are...

4) Taken off to the 2checkout secure server, and then...


Can one of you 2 checkout users explain what happens next, and whether or not the Osc shop owner should have SSL or not..


Many thanks :)

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They go to a page on 2checkout's secure server to enter their credit card details. You can customize the header and the footer so it's possible to make it look pretty close to your shop.


As far as opinions on 2checkout...I personally really like them. Yes, the 5.5% seems high (dropping to 5% in the new year) but when you consider you don't have to pay all the fees invloved in having your own merchant account they're a good deal.


Another thought is that you can easily transfer your account to another site. So, for example, if you get a site to the point where it can justify it's own merchant accout, there's no reason you can't just go ahead and start up another site and use 2checkout for it.


Of course you'll want to find a way to live without sleep but that's another story..... :sleepy: :P

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Many thanks. So...


5) They are then presented with the 2checkout payment screen where they input their CC details.

- question: do they also need to fill out their address details ? Does the address info come across from the Store Owners Osc site ?


6) Is the CC processing in real time - is the buyer directed back to the Osc shop with a "thank you" page (or a "fail" page)...




2 final Questions:


a) Are you 2CO users using the standard 2checkout payment module as supplied in the base download of Oscommerce ?


B) When the person is returned to the Store Owners Osc site, can this be to a normal http:// page rather than to a secure https:// page ?


Many thanks, I appreciate your time on this :)

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Thanks for the interesting comments. I'm in a similar situation about to signup with the 2Checkout. These answers seem to relate to a modified version of pm2checkout.php which doesn't require SSL but takes you to 2Checkout to enter the CC info.


I have SSL and things are looking good on my secure payment page with the standard pm2checkout.php and the credit card input boxes directly there.


Does this module work okay?


What happens when the customer hits the final confirmation button? Do they see a 2Checkout page at all or do they get transparently forwarded back to my site? If they end up on a 2Checkout page then it kind of defeats the purpose of having my own SSL.




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Actually, to clarify for those that might not know...


It's anywhere from 1 to 15 days. They payout on the 1st and the 15th of the month for all business transacted the previous period.


You just have to watch your cash flow (as with any other business) and it's not a huge deal though. :wink:

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As far as opinions on 2checkout...I personally really like them. Yes, the 5.5% seems high (dropping to 5% in the new year) but when you consider you don't have to pay all the fees invloved in having your own merchant account they're a good deal.


What fees are those??


We use Nova Information services. The fees are $19.95 a month plus 2.8% of the transaction fees for Visa and Mastercard and 4.6% for American Express.


Now let's go with a sales level of $7500 a month and 500 purchases on credit card purchases.


With 2Checkout that is going to cost: $637.5 per month. 412.50 for your 5.5% discount and $225 in transaction fees.


On our Merchant account, I am going to say that 30% is American Express because that is what we notice. So that comes to:

$103.50 for American Express, plus $147.00 for Visa and Mastercard processing and our normal $19.95 a month fee and the total comes to: 270.45. The total monthly costs are about what you pay in transaction fees and we have almost $400 more in profit. We also didn't have to pay an application fee.


The rates are even lower when the card is present for our retail store and booth sales. Anyone just starting should check with their local bank. If you have tangible goods, you will find that the costs are not as high as you think they will be.


I'll take my super expensive merchant account over 2checkout anyday.

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My site is not SSL, which is partly why I use 2CO. I used the code available through a thread here to remove the CC entry fields on my site. When passed to 2CO, all required info is passed to 2CO so the form the customer lands on is filled in with their info. They input CC, exp date, and that 3 digit number from the back of the card and hit the payment button. A dialogue window appears telling cust not to hit button again. They ok out of that window. Page at 2CO then tells them to "Finish" the transaction by clicking button. They click button and get re-directed back to your shop's checkout_success page. This is critical - if they don't land back on this page the order does not register in your shop. It will be registered at 2CO though. So, if you ever see a registered cust in your shop with no order you need to go to 2CO and check the sales reports to see if there is an order that didn't show up in your shop. I had this occurr once. No big deal, though.





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For informational purposes, I feel that it is important to note that 2checkout's customer service blows.


They have NEVER responded to ANY of my emails to then, they have NEVER answered any questions, and they have NEVER provided any additional support, other than what is on their website already.


On a small scale, a shop just getting started could use 2checkout to thier advantage. When we first started we did about $1200 a month sales, and about $700 in 20 sales through 2checkout. At 5.5% plus .45 a transaction, this comes out to $47.50. A merchant account at $19.99 a month plus 2.35% and .35 per PLUS the added necessity of a SSL (say $50 per year) would come out to aobut $49.45.


I think that the more volume we do, the more benifical it would be to get a merchant account.


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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Don't expect good customer service or support from them and if you want further information try and get to their own forums and read the comments there.


Also, they just implemented a partial refund option (which we just used for the first time) - so that's a bonus on their part.

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I had 2checkout account before, but I decided to switch to authorizenet 4 months ago due to the following reasons:


2CheckOut (Third party http://www.2checkout.com )

1. Once time setup fee: $49 --> it is not worthed for the long run!!!

2. 5.5% + 45 cents per transaction are too expensive.

3. Payout on 1st and the 15th of the month is too long // What are you going to do if you need $ to purchase products immediately ? Waiting until the 15th day ?

4. Billing statement does not show your company name // I heard they will put your company name start next year of 2003

5. Can not disable the billing email sending out to customer // This is important for my site since most international customers don't understand english. They will be scared when they received a billing from a third party, which they did not associate with.

6. Gateway monthly fee is none

7. Monthly statement fee: none

8. Customer has to leave your site and go to 2checkout page for payment processing

9. Customer Support is very bad

10. Inaccurate order and calculation of total amount // This is very important!!! Please read my explaination about these problems.


Authorizenet (Need to get an account from Authorizenet Reseller http://merchant-systems.com/affiliate/16749-50 ) // You can not get authorizenet account directly but through a reseller.

1. Once time setup fee: $150 --> It is worthed!!!

2. 2.15% to 2.47% + 30 cent per transaction // 2.47% is the max and most of the time is lower since it depends on your average ticket per day. Overall, it is the best rate that you can deal directly with your merchant provider. If your volumne is high, there is a discount rate.

3. Payout 2-3 days // We need $ ASAP for purchasing products

4. Billing statement show your company name

5. Enable / Disable the billing email sending out to cust customer

6. Gateway monthly fee is $15

7. Monthly statement fee is $10 to $12

8. Customer always stay on your site using Authorizenet AIM method

9. Customer Support is rated as 8 out 10

10. Very accurate order and calculation of total amount with AIM method.


I have proven that methods like WebLink using PayPal, 2checkout.com, Authorizenet Weblink and Authorizenet ADC Relay Response had the following problems with Oscommerce except authorizenet AIM/ADC method.


For examples:


1. Customers has been charged for 1 item, but it actually showed up in the Osc admin with 2 items!!! This can happen when customer order 1 item and goes to the checkout confirmation page. Then, he opens a second window of that same page and goes back to the shopping cart to update the quantity to 2. On the first window, he click on the order button and it will go through with 2 items show up in Osc Admin, but the amount has been charged is only 1 item.


2. Cusomters has been charged for 1 item, and it does not show up in the Osc admin. There is a button called 'Finish Order' button at the end of the payment checkout, and customer did not click on it.


WebLink method and ADC Relay Response doesn't work in Netscape6.1 and older Netscape versions and some of AOL browsers due to the error "Invalid Referer".


These problems had been exist and discussed long time ago. To solve these problems, I have to use Authorizenet ADC Direct Response, which is called Advanced Integration Method (AIM).


If you are using old API checkout, down load my ADC codes uploaded on August 28, 2002. I re-wrote this authorizenet module for snapshot on June 5, 2002.



If you are using new API checkout, down load my ADC codes upload on November 10, 2002. I re-wrote this authorizenet module for snapshot on November 10, 2002.





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One word of advice though....


Change the text in your shop from 2checkout to Credit Card. Customers won't have any idea what 2checkout is or how they can pay that way based on the name.  :wink:


Which php script do I use to accomplish this?

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Hello Jason,


To change the text, use this file:




The text is shown in under MODULE_PAYMENT_2CHECKOUT_TEXT_TITLE.




Please give your rating on OSCommerce at FreebiesCafe.com, a search directory for free scripts, software, services and resources.

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  • 5 months later...

Here is my site.. I am using 2checkout.com. Feel free to take a peek! And if you like go ahead and buy something for yourself! :D




Let me know if you have any questions about it.



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OK - Now I was kind enough to post my URL to show people the 2checkout.com set up. But going in there a running a purchase for an item and not Paying is WRONG! :evil: :twisted: Who is ??????????? ADMIN's OF OSC PLEASE HELP!

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