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Hi Guys


Ive been working on setting up my store for a while, just looking for some advice now on how others set up their stores so I can get an idea of what i should be doing.


Ive got the store setup on a http server, the checkout setup on https (different domain/shared). I have all the images coming off the http server, which of course is bringing up an error of mixed security etc. Im not concerned about that at the moment.


What I want to know is where most of you run yuor admin from .. from the http or https ? Cos if I figure it correctly, you will need to do both - with the https server a mirror of the http server. So any changes made to the http admin will need to be done to the https admin otherwise the images will not be uploaded to the https server- if I run them all from http I get the errors.


Just want to get an idea of the config of everyones stores, so I can go back and work towards something. At the moment I am like a chook with its head cut off .. i change one thing and another issue pops up, change another and another pops up. Pretty annoying.


All help appreciated.




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