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Signup referring URL/METHOD question


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I think that a great feature to OSC would be a way for users signing up for an account to choose from a drop down list how they found the site, a reffering url or method.


What I mean by referrer is a field in the invoice or signup process that tells the site admin how the user found the site.



Example Mandatory Question: How did you find us?



Search Engine

Online Advertising

Word of Mouth




If they select other, then they can type in in a empty box below the drop down.


Ultimately, this would be good if it could be configured in the admin section so that a shop owner can add or remove these referrers easily.


It would also be nice if this appears on the invoice in admin so that the shop owner can view how this particular order was sent to him/her.


I?ve checked through the contributions and haven?t seen anything like this, so I?m searching for a developer that would be interested in developing this as a contribution.


I really love OSC and find this is the only thing that is missing from the program. Not to mention, I feel it would help out quite a few shop owners determine where their advertising dollar is being spent.


Please advise if this is something that someone is interested in developing and adding as a contribution.

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The more user input that's required the less chance you have that the customer is going to complete the sale.


Name, address, credit card number, email address and maybe phone number. Thanks for your order Mr. Smith. That's all that's required and all a merchant need care about IMHO. :D


This is a great example of one such totally unnecessary bit of information. That's what logs are for. :wink:

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I agree to a certain point Ron... but you can not find the success of any magazine add in your httpd log... So there is a valid point to do this.

What I would do is show them the dropdown as a poll (look in contributions, Ian Wilson has made one) or AFTER the order is processed so it is completely up to them if they fill it in.



"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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