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This is a suggestion for either a modification or future versions, possibly someone has already done it, if they have I would love to see the code :)


Before I go on, we are a shop in search of a cart, we don't currently use one simply because I haven't found a one with all the features I require at a sensible price tag.


The lack of a system such as the one I am about to describe is a real falling down point of OSCommerce for us, other than this I am totally impressed with the quality and features of the cart, it more than rivals some very professional efforts. It is so so close to our picture of perfect I am temped to try coding the mod myself, however I have seldom enough time, and although I am not afraid of PHP, I suspect this may be a bit more than I can chew.


Ideally I would like any out of stock products to have a lead time displayed to the customer but still be addable to a users cart, when checking out the user is offered a "ship separately" or "ship together" option. If the user picks "ship together" the total is calculated pretty much as it is now. If the user picks "ship separately" then the total is then calculated only around currently in stock items, other items are shown but are not part of the initial bill. As items come into stock the system automatically generates the outstanding orders. I realise most of this wouldn't be too much of a change, however my primary problem is that in the admin interface you can only mark an entire order as shipped and orders aren't separated as I have described, you also can't mark the status of individual items.


The automatic order generation would also need to be a little intelligent. This following idea depends on items having individual status's (is that a word). For instance if a customer has two

items on back order, and one of these arrives in stock on Monday but I know the other is only two days away, then I obviously want the web site aware the first item is in stock so other people can buy it, but to save the customer postage and us paper work it makes sense to delay the order until the other item arrives. I view this as happening like so, the web site becomes aware the first item is in stock and generates the outstanding order, but leaves it open, and simply sets the items status on the customers account as "in stock". When the web site becomes aware the other item has arrived it adds it to the already open order and amends the postage to suit. We can then close and ship the order.


Any comments welcome !

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That sounds like a very interesting and useful mod in my opinion. But it sounds like it would take a hell of a lot of coding. If you do end up doing it, please be sure to contribute it.

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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I asked this question before a few months ago and it never got any responces, so someone agreeing with me is a step forward. I did approch someone to custom code our requirements but it was simply too much money.


This may not be the place to ask but does anyone know of a commercial or otherwise cart that can currently fullfill my requirements ?

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I can't think of one off the top of my head, especially one that starts off free. I don't know how many quotes you got but maybe there is someone else out there that wants the same thing that will partner with you to pay for it. It seems though that no one wants to speak up when they want the mod but would have to share in the costs. Just wait until it gets contributed then get it for free. I think that keeps a lot of people from contributing though because they think, hey, I paid for it so it's mine and no one elses. Good luck though. :dontgetit:

If every member of this board donated $1 to the dev team, that would be over $11,000.00. Don't you think this cart is worth at least a $1????

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It hadn't crossed my mind to team up with someone to reduce the costs but it's a splendid idea. I may write another message to that effect.


Can you also tell me if someone/company custom codes a bit of OSCommerce are they bound to release it as free code afterwards, or is it up to us ?


Thanks again.

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Interesting idea. Needs major coding work which will cost a lot of money.


Depending upon your contract with the developer, he may well release it as GPL. Whats the problem with that? Would you not release if you had to pay for it ?

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Think you got the wrong end of the stick. Having it released to the public under GPL would be my desire. My last question was a feeler to see if anything could stop me doing this, but I understand your concern.


With the quotes I got I didn't get as far as talking about who would have rights over the code. I wondered if because OSCommerce is released under GPL it extended into meaning that any code based around it also has to be released under GPL. May be I should read the GPL :)

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Can you also tell me if someone/company custom codes a bit of OSCommerce are they bound to release it as free code afterwards, or is it up to us ?


The short answer is: All costum codes based on osCommerce are under GNU/GPL.


And if you present a modification here our forum rules apply:


Any features mentioned in the forums must be freely available under the GPL license and freely downloadable at the Contributions section on the osCommerce support site.


Think about it from the other way round. We give you osCommerce for free, we know that there is always a need for more features etc. We endorse the programming of new features as much as we can, we help when problems arise, we explain when something is unclear. So you are receiving an awful lot from the community. It would be wise to give back to the community when possible - it is the principle of give and take.


You are not forced to give us your modifications - it is a freedom the GNU/GPL gives you. We are exercising the freedom the GNU/GPL offers in a simple method: Give it to the community for free.

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I agree totally, OSCommerce is an asstounding product and you may rest assured if I do manage to get the coding done it will be released to the community.

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We just finished a shipping management module and back orders are included + manual entry of orders (in case you get phone or mail orders) that you want to include in the system as well.



it is just finished, but we want to test it one more week as we see a few added functionalities we want to add.


it will be a contribution soon but we have to work out a few minor changes in the shipping process and formats.



will post to the forum as soon as we feel comfortable to release it.



(ps: we use this module everyday for our own shipping : 500 orders a week , thus we should be able to release an almost bug free module since we use it to do all our shipping. otherwise we are really in trouble...)




in essence here are actual functionalities of what we did in this module:


P&G Shipping Module Version 0.1 12/03/2002







This module does NOT modify in any way the original order data. All new info entered during the processing of an order

is saved in new tables.


This allow to keep a perfect audit trail.



This module allows the following



-> Admin side



A. Manage processing of orders placed directly through oscommerce


B. Allows to enter Phone order or orders coming from other sources( fax, mail ,auctions....) through ADMIN login


This secure modified login allows an administrator to create an account and enter manual order for the account of a client.

(no emails to clients ar sent during the manual entry.)

When all infos are entered, the admin can send an email to the client with all data info and login info to access his account.


C. Allows administrator to login with an ADMIN login under any client email (convenient for some of orders: Paypal is a good example

where client would not press the return to catalog button on paypal site. the result is that the client paid Paypal but items stay in shopping

cart instead of being proceesed as a confirmed order)


D. Payment Info : Administrator can enter payment ref, payment date, check number.....


E. Auction Info : if you place as well auctions on ebay or other, allows you to create an order in catalog and enter as well auction number auction end date....

gives possiblity to send order status to person who won the auction: advantage is that you make the winner aware of your catalog

You ask him to login in the catalog part to see his auction status and tracking number. Thus he may come back directly to your site the next time.


Automated direct link to auction page on major auction sites. you can add any auction site where you place auction through an admin page.


F. Tracking number Info: Entry of shipping date, tracking number, direct link to shipper site to track package.


G. Entry of qty shipped vs qty ordered. This allows to keep track of all back ordered items through a report and classify the order

as "Partial Shipment" status. you can review the items and quantities you still needed to ship.


H. Allows to send an email when package is sent with all infos above: in particular shipping date, carrier and direct link to track order on shipper site.

email date and time recorded and shown.



I. New templates of invoice and packing list with above information.

Company address, "Thank you Note" at bottom of printed invoice can be modified through admin. extra comment field for auctions can be managed through admin for specific feedback or comments.


J. All the validations tables records can be modified through admin interface screens.


K. Blacklist management: Added a blacklist field in customer table . Admin can block access to a client trying to login to his account.

(interesting if fraud order was placed or chargeback. Client will not be able to order online again and message ask client to contact

company to send money order for new order.) this solution allows to keep all information about all fraudulent orders or chargebacks or "bad customers".


L. 2 new comments fields were added : one for shipping, one for billing. both can be seen by client through the catalog side.

A third comment field for shipping dept was added for private comments . not shown to client.


NOTE: we created new validation tables for payment methods, shipping carriers specifc to the shipping modules.... the tables are NOT linked to the actual shipping and payment modules.

The reason for that is the flexibility. Even though you would not accept for online orders a particular payment method (like western union Bidpay for example)

you can use it for manual entry of order. This info is in fact very limited and the scripts fills the tables already with main payment or shipping infos.



-> Catalog side



A. Client can login to his account and see online all infos entered in the admin

(Payment Info, Shipping Date, Tracking Number, auction info if auction.....)


B. Client can print the invoice or packing list template under order details.

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After a week of production and testing on our site , the module seems to be stable. (few formatting things to do but nothing too long).


Need a few hours to write install info, a few help file and package it.


Will be posted as a contribution this sunday dec 15 in v.01.



** added a module for onthefly PDF generation of invoice but tested only under FreeBSD (not sure will work under windows; no time to test anyway)

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What version of osCommerce is the code base for this ?

Is it using the newer order class or the old code ?




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i like the sound of this module has there been a release of this module. and if so would there be a poss of you posting the link

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hey i hope someone reply's to this real fast..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how much would this script cost just a estimate. see i just landed a huge account and they are willing to pay for any modifacations i have to do to the site and i informed them of this and they told me get it done.........and i will own all rights....now the issue who would i go to and how long would it take to get done do you think and are we talking like under 4,000 dollars or higher


please reply

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If you're looking for someone to write this functionality for you you

can make a post in the Seeking Commercial Help channel - not here.




"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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sorry for posting in the wrong forum section but i was just keeping with the subject and i saw othere has similar post and noone said anything to them so i assummed it would be ok. that what happens when you assume. no problem i will move the thread if i can. and i am not looking for someone just for me i am looking for everyone it will be a forum thing hopefully maybe some here will be interested in doing it for me and i would release it to the forum that is my intention if some one says yes to it



sorry for the mix up

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