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Admin report: Monthly Sales & Tax


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How are Gross Sales calculated? I thought it would be Product Sales + Tax, but things do not add up.


What exactly are exampt sales and taxable sales? Are exempt sales supposed to be a negative #?


Here are my values:


Gross Income 39,037.32

Product sales 33,816.62

Exempt sales -15,571.38

Taxable sales 49,388.00

Tax paid 2,607.24

Shpg & Hndlg 5,689.63

Gift Vouchers 1,701.47

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Ive just installed this great mod on a new non-live site with no orders yet and have been testing the figures calculated for tax etc. All is fine until i added a % discount contrib. This works fine but the sales report now shows the additional discount column value but the tax value is now incorrect since we discount the total order including the tax as required by uk vat office. We dont discount the shipping so that is correct (and we dont tax the shipping either).


Looking at the code the sales report contrib seems to recalculates the tax for each order based on the tax rate and the order value - which is good, but it doesnt take into account a discount which has been made to order total and the tax.


The database has the correct (discounted) tax value stored in it, but this is not takin into account as the sales report recalculates what the tax was before any discount, rather then what it actually was. i can sort of understand why this is done since multi-line orders with taxable and non-taxable goods need to be accounted for properly and you cannot just use the order-total and tax values in the order (well i guess you could.. if you didnt want to drill down into the data as much).


The question is - how do i fix this so my discount colum is taken into account or better still - the real tax charged is taken into account instead of recalculating it each time (if this wont break anything else) ..?

That would make it work better for someone else using % discounts based on sales total like us. i.e spend over 200 and get 5% off.




Mark Brindle

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I have a problem where my Quantity Discount and CCGV modules are mixed up with Shipping Insurance & Handling Fees. For example, so far I had two orders with discounts, one with discount coupon (-$25.80) and another with quantity discount (-$380.00). So, if I'll look at my Monthly Sales/Tax records, here is what I get: my last column is called 'Shipping Insurance & Handling Fees' and it usually displays the corresponding fees for the selected month. Now, with these two orders with discounts, I'm getting a negative value of -323.90 in the column. Here is how I got this number: $380 (quantity discount) - $25.80 (discount coupon) - $30.30 (shipping insurance & handling fees for all orders in august).


My question is how I can add another column 'Discounts' to show only applied discounts and remove those values from 'Shipping Insurance & Handling Fees' column? The variable for Quantity Discount in my orders_total table is ot_custom and for Discount Coupons - ot_coupon. Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Edited by Irin
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I've just noticed something, now that I've had this report installed for quite a long time. When I click on a month (say, September), it shows the daily breakdown for each day of Sept 2006. It then totals it for Sept 2006 and all is well. However, underneath that it proceeds to breakdown and total Sept 2005. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Bump for old thread.


I have this contribution installed and it's been working great. However, some circumstances required that I take this client's cart and move to another. After a long headache, I came back to OSC (no changes had been made), and finished up. However, I find that this reporting tool, and some others, are not showing the latest orders. Just the ones from August and September of this year, which were the newest ones when I installed this contribution.


Now, I'm guessing this isn't the contrib's fault at all, as the front page of the admin panel shows the newest customers, but isn't updating orders there either. Just up to September. So I guess I'm just needing to pick some brains here about why this could be the case. The database and OSC data itself was never changed when I put the cart down to work elsewhere, and the other cart I used has a different database altogether. Weird.

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I have been using this contrib for a while and it works great.


The only thing I would like to do is change the way it totals and displays the years.


As default it shows the figured totals year by year (jan to dec)


however our companys finacial year runs from novermber to october.


I would be helpful if the cose could be modded to display the "year" the same as our financial year,


many thanks in advance for any input you may have.





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