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The e-commerce.

Few General Questions


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basically iam trying to set up a site for a local computer store, just to sell products within the US.


Anyway i have a few questions.....


Sales Tax...how does this work on a commerce site? We are based in oregon wich has no sales taxes but when about if we ship out of state??


Credit cards...someone told me that we would have to have certificates or something so we could accept credit cards...all we want to do is have the credit card # and the order emailed to us so we can run the credit card on our termainal.....


Basically it for now, any help would be great....



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I also do business in Oregon and as long as you don't have a physical presence in a sales-tax-state you do not have to charge it, yet.....


If you use the generic credit card payment module you can have part of the CC number emailed to you and the other part is stored in the dB. You'll have to visit the Admin to put the parts together for processing.


You will want to have a secure server for collecting your customer information. The program will work with a shared certificate.

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You only have to charge tax in states where you have a physical presence and since Oregon doesn't have a sales tax you don't have to charge tax.


There's a credit card module included that will allow customers to give you their credit card numbers. You'll need a secure certificate though (ask your host - I'm sure they'd be happy to help you with that). It'll store the first and last four digits of the CC in the database and email the middle digits. Not perfect but more secure than storing the whole shebang.

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