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giftwrap MOD issue, need help


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I recently installed osC_GiftWrap_v1.0 has an addson, it seems fine and also included in the admin section. The problem I have now is that when i put a price on GiftWrap it still defaults to 0.00, but when I put a price in No GiftWrap it seems to work fine, can any one help me, I am struggling to find the problem.




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Try putting in a product that is expensive (>£/$100) and heavy (>3kg) and try again - I just fought with mine for an a couple of hours before I worked out that the latest contrib now comes with the percent mod pre installed, so if you have a £/$1 product that weighs 0, the giftwrap show 0 as well ! (i wish people would't dick with things !) mad.gif


to fix the problem open catalog/includes/modules/giftwrap/giftwrap.php


Find this


						   'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code,
												 'title' => MODULE_GIFT_TEXT_WAY,
												 'cost' => MODULE_GIFT_COST * $total_weight)));


and change it back to this !


						   'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code,
												 'title' => MODULE_GIFT_TEXT_WAY,
												 'cost' => MODULE_GIFT_COST)));


Have Fun



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I am having small problem on this page:






Unable to determine connection method on a link!


Known methods: NONSSL SSL


Function used:


tep_href_link('modules.php', 'set=giftwrap&module=nogiftwrap', '')


I am running cre loaded,

Any ideas where i should start to look for the solution?

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