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Question on draw radio field


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I have this line of code


<?php echo tep_draw_radio_field('customers_resale', '1', false, $cInfo->customers_resale) . '  ' . YES . '  ' . tep_draw_radio_field('customers_resale', '0', false, $cInfo->customers_resale) . '  ' . NO; ?>


Why does it show the YES radio button marked/checked when the field value is a 1, but doesn't show the NO radio button marked when the field is a 0


Thanks for any help

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Did you try the vice-versa-method ?


Simply saying: If the ione entry is 0 the other one is 1 and vice-versa.



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If I swap the 1 & 0 then only the 'NO' shows up marked and the 'YES' never gets marked.


It will when I click on it and then update the record. But when I re-load the record then neither is marked if the real value is 0. But if the value is 0 then neither is marked.

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