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The e-commerce.

How does the Credit Card Authorisation work in osC ?


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I knwo it sounds very very lame, but how exactly does it work ? I understand I have to contact PayPal or similar to be given a PIn number , but what id really really like to know is how the process works ? Anyone care to tell me in layman, noobie, terms ? Anyone ? Please :D Anyone ?

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I'm not sure I'm understanding your question...


No credit card processing is done by the OsCommerce scripts at all. You need to get yourself a 3rd party processor such as;





Secure Trading



then if necessary you add in the relevant contributions, and set them "active" in Admin. Then;


customer buys product

elects to pay by WorldPay

customer is taken off to WorldPay where (s)he pays by CC

(s)he should then be returned back to your site for a thank you message

WorldPay then email customer and you to let you know if authorised or declined.

You send goods - everyone happy.

Hopefully no chargeback.


Same sort of process for Paypal, Nochex etc etc


Sorry if thats a bit basic...only trying to help...

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