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The e-commerce.

popup image, product desc. in list and easy populate.


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I have succesfully installed v. 2.1 and have done some changes to customize it for my site, but in general I am new with this. I am trying to add some features included in the Contributions, but have found out that most of them (not to say all) are made for version 2.2.


Does any one knows how to implement the following features in version 2.1?? Call me ignorant but I dont understand why if the current stable version is 2.1, there is only material for 2.2. I prefer to run something stable proved to work and just test what is in development. Why is everyone using 2.2??!!! I want to have a piece of that!, but i want to keep with the tested one...


The problems are here:


1. Have a "click to enlarge" popup link under thumbnail to a larger image in product list. I have contrib. mo_pics v1.1 and bigimage1.22.


2. Be able to inlude product description in product list. I don?t know if the program already lets you do that, but i have found Description_in_Product_Listing_v.2 and descriptionv1-2 to do this.


3. Fast addition of many products. I have easypopulate v.1.6 fix but wont work.


- Is there some way to do all this with v 2.1 ?? I will really apreciate any given help or guidance.

- sorry for requesting so much, but I prefer to include all this questions in one post than to bomb the board with lots of quick silly questions.

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most people run v2.2 because it is much much easier to configure and customize...


and it is definately not unstable... alot of live shops are running v2.2...


there is really no reason I can think of to not use it.

The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing

- Edmund Burke

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