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QTPro Help for a Newbie :)


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Hi! I am a newbie to OSCommerce and have just installed the QTPro addon.


I am totally stuck now though - the instructions say to "Select a Product Attribute Display plugin and set configuration options".


What is the Product Attribute Display plugin???? It probably sounds more difficult than it really is ;)






EDIT - OMG!!!! Never mind!!!! I found it! Isn't that the way it always happens? you look and look, and then you post a message and boom, you find it! Sorry and Thanks!! :)

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So I have successfully installed the QTPro addon, and it is subtracting from stock and all, but it still shows and allows customer to select and add the item to their cart. I THINK I have tried all of the options/variables/combinations, but nothing is working! I cannot get it to NOT show a product if there is no stock.


I have set the item up as a product, and even though there is no stock, it can still be ordered.


When I set the product up with the attributes as the item to trigger the in stock/no stock, none of the attributes show up in the list for the user to select. Not even the ones that are in stock.


I am SO confused!!!


Can anyone offer any guidance on how to get this thing to work?


Thanks! :)

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I still need help, but here is an update:


I have figured out how to get the items to show up and sucessfully removing from stock, and from product options list - all is working great with that piece.


Now, for the additional options:


I need to allow the customer to select additional options, but these are add-ons with no stock limits

(A telecoms site where they select a phone number (this is the item removed from stock), and then they select voicemail add-on, etc.)


When I put in the 2nd options, it creates a whole new item in my stock list (number + voicemail) and then leaves the original number selected still available to purchase by others.


I hope this makes sense.......


Does anyone know of how to work around this? I've tried with tracking and w/o tracking stock on the Voicemail option.

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