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Database keeps screwing itself up!


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I have a slight problem here... I am developing and testing my OSC on localhost, but today, the database screwed up. I have completely dropped the catalog and made a new one about 5 times, but to no avail.


when I make a new catalog and inport oscommerce.sql, it is fine... if I leave those computer/DVD products in there, I can add new categories and products and they show up in the main catalog site.


BUT if I delete all of those categories/products/manufactures that were imported with oscommerce.sql, and I add new categories then and new products, I can see them in admin, but this is what the main catalog gives me:




Simply deleting the categories fixes it, but what good is that if I cannot add any new categories of products?


I could really use anyones help here... I am at a loss... completely dropping the database and re-creating it seems to do nothing, because every time I delete the categories put in there by default and create my own, I get jumble...


another note, when I am importing my products, there is one that sometimes gets added, but does not show up in the catalog... but shows on the NEW products when all products are shown as deleted. Also I just tried to do a restore and got an SQL error, and now the whole database is screwed... can't access admin at all... time to drop and re-create the database yet again for the nth time today...[/img]

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