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The e-commerce.

New Plug in Idea


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I have just created a “Second Hand Book Shop” for a client and was very impressed with the OSCommerce.


The owner wanted a section that dealt with non-listed book requests.


Being it would be impossible for him to catalogue 10’s of thousands of books; he only catalogues the books, which are wanted by collectors.


So I hoped the “Wish List” plug in would suit his needs.


Not so, as you are only able to request listed items.


I think in any store there will always be a need for the public to request a non-listed item.


This can only be beneficial to the storeowner as he/she may be able to open new categories, which they had not thought of.


I am a standard website developer and I do not have the time to think about programming this sort of plug in.


I would love to hear feedback on this.

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So like a request for products sort of thing?


And then everyone would be able to see the requests made in some type of listing?


I lov the idea!!


I'm about to launch a store that will have around 4000+ items, and there will prolly be a product, and or category that I will miss! And this would be something that would be very benifical to me!


I'd like to hear other thoughts on this. . .

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I am a standard website developer and I do not have the time to think about programming this sort of plug in.


Being a non-standard website developer I guess I am WAY to busy then to think about programming this plugin. :)

But then there is the Contact Us form which will do quite nicely what you want.

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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Yes I have reused the Contact Us form.


But in my opinion it is just a variation, and I wanted more of a feel to the page where the customer thinks they are making a valid request as apposed to some meaningless contact us page.


I love AlexT suggestion where other people can see requests.


Some might say, hey what about reusing the guest book or BB.


Well I could, but I was hoping for a more purpose made script that uses the technology and design of Wish list, guest book, contact us and BB.


Visit the site, it is just a new site and needs content added but I think you will see what I mean when you visit the REQUEST A BOOK page.



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Burt, apon your idea....


. . . the user fills outs a form and it is sent to the admin(s) but sent also to a section in the admin area where you can "approve", "decline", or "delete" the suggestion. If you approve the suggestion then it gets added to a "gloabal" page for every one to see. Upon approval you can add commnets etc. If declined it will show up on a "decline" page that shows the reason why, and then if deleted the record never shows. . . .

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