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Problems with US +4 Zip Codes


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I have a bit of a problem, when a customer registers at my store, and he/she puts in their address, and then enters a +4 zip code (postal code), any time they make an order, the order is run through the system and shows up as an order, but no shipping has been charged in the order. I can't afford to pay the shipping costs myself because my profit margin is so narrow.


Here's the kicker though,,, I can't tell you what version osCommerce I'm running because I didn't install it. My ISP did it for me, well also for themselves... I found this great FREE package, and they jumped all over it. I do know it's version 2.something, but I have no idea where to find the true version number at.


Anyway, is there anyone else out there with this +4 problem, and if so, did you fix it, and if you did, >PLEASE< >PLEASE< tell me how to fix mine!!


Thanks in advance....

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Yes, Mr. Zilla, as a matter of fact I DID try a search, AND I tried about 10 other seaches using wildcards and other tricks. Your response to that other guy never came up in all those searches.


I'm not an idiot, so try to refrain from talking down to me.

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