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Should I 2.1 or 2.2?


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I'm very new at this (obviously). Which should I go for: the stable release of 2.1 that is over a year old, or 2.2? The word 'stable' makes me want to use 2.1... but a lot of these posts refer to people upgrading.


So, advice? Preferences? Oh, and I'm very sorry if I didn't go back far enough in the archives to find it, if this has already been discussed; this is a very active group, and I certianly tried. :)


Best wishes,


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I'm also a newbie, but from the hours of reading I've done in this forum and the hours of tinkering I've done with 2.2CVS, I recommend skipping 2.1. Pretty much everyone that I've seen on this board recommends the newer version. I think the notion that 2.1 is stable and 2.2 is not is a bit untrue. 2.2 isn't perfect, but it's still better (and stable) than the majority of other scripts out there. And if you run into a snag there's a LOT of people who can help.


As I said, I am a newbie too. I honestly don't know a damn thing about PHP...don't even know what it means! But I've been working on this thing for 4 days around the clock and I'm learning a LOT!


To get started I just went to http://www.oscdox.com ...downloaded 2.2CVS and their EXCELLENT DOCUMENTATION file. Installation was done in about 20-25 minutes and I've been customizing (trial & error) since then.


Hope this helps you. Good luck! :D

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Go for 2.2-CVS I'd say, better, cleaner, faster, nicer and better supported by both the Dev team and the forum members.

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