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Dynamic # of columns


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Hi all,


is there a contribution I have missed or has anyone already implemented the following?


I would like to dynamically fill the product pages with as many columns as fit in the page width - thus using the entire browser width.


The problem is that OScommerce product structure is made to be in fixed and defined tables/columns.


Currenly its defined as like 2-4 columns per row?! This is a huge waist of real-estate if users have larger screen resolution, and it forces users to scroll to view more products.


Using a contribution to define i.e. 8 columns is not sufficient, as it's not dynamic: Having a fixed numbers of columns creates the problem that some users (small screen) would have to scroll to the right and others (large screen) still see lots of white space.



Screenshots to illustrate:


SMALL SCREEN: Currently 2 columns per row (large thumbs):




DESIRED FOR LARGE SCREENS: Dynamically fit as many columns per row as page width allows:





Any help apprechiated,



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