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#1?: Is there a way to have a product value option with out having a product Option?


We sell ceramics. Say a dragon for example. We sell this in Green ware for $5.00 and in Bisque for $10.00. Plus $1.00 more for cut-out options.


I'd like to list the item once and let the customer selcet how they want it and have the price reflected.


#2 :?: Our inventory is zero till we get an order. yet when the customer puts the item in the cart it tells them that it's not available. Where do I change that to let them know that the item is currently not in stock and that it will take up to 10 days to fill their order.

It would be nice to put a max limit on how many can be ordered. We can only produce about 21 a week at the very most.


:roll: also,... it would be really cool if there could be a way to limit Green Ware purchases to a select group of customers. Say only local customers as we can not ship the product in it's green-ware state.


:wink: I think that is it for now, this OCS is pretty dam cool! But who the hell am I. Thanks 2 everybody for doing their thing:) A+++



Mike & Joyce


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I am fairly new at OSCommerce, so I don't want to give you wrong answers. ;) If you are accessing your admin through a control panel, you can change your stock in the configuration area and also add attributes in the Catalog area.


Just wanted to say hi. Such a small world---we are neighbors. I work in St Pete, but live further north.


Have a nice weekend

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