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The e-commerce.

My first order with oscommerce.. wohoo.. Help.


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Hey everybody!


So last night I officially launched my osCommerce website and I just made my first sale :thumbsup:


Here is my questions.


1. I did not get an e-mail saying that I have sold something. Where can I set this up?


2. I sell unique items so there is inventory of quantity one however this did not get deducted and the product was still available for sale. I had to manually disable the product. Wh ?



I am using the default installation of paypal to process my orders.



3. I want to create a category and use it as an archive of Sold Items just to keep the content. The product and information will show up but you will not be able to purchase it. It would say something like SOLD. Any Ideas on how to do this?



Thanks in advanced!

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1 - You have to setup your email addresses in admin->Configuration->My Store.


2 - Check admin->Configuration->Stock to see if the settings are correct for doing that.


3 - Maybe install one of the Out of Stock contributions and change the Out of Stock image to one that reads Already Purchased or something similar.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the information.


Here is an update.


1. I got another sale. This time I did get an e-mail with the order details. GOOD


2. The item was set up with quantity one. After the sale the quantity changed to 0 which is GOOD .....


however the item is still showing up in the catalog like if it is still for sale. Only if the user ADDS TO CART then they will see the message that item may be out of stock.



Just as a note. I have NOT yet installed a "SOLD" type of contribution.


Any thoughts?



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Are you using the stock PayPal payment method? If so if the customer is not returning to the the website you wont get a order email or get it deducted from stock.


Try installing the PayPal IPN to resolve this.

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Jack_mcs / bobg7


Thanks for the information.


I think it is all good.



Just wanted to say well done for getting your first few orders - what is your stores url?




I sell Larimar @ http://www.larimardesigns.com (old main page) and oscommerce is @ http://www.larimardesigns.com/larimar-jewelry/


I kept the old main page because it has good search engine ranking and I did not want to loose that by changing it. So I just added the "new products" to this page.


Now I just need to add stuff to sell :blush:

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