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help - 2checkout.com info needed


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i am looking for another merchant processing company, and would like to know if any1 here that uses 2checkout.com can give me some information on how they process orders.


1. does it record data like that of paypal web payments pro, with a transaction numbers printed into the customers order, so i can reference payments?


2. does 2checkout send emails per successful order with details of payment and customer info like paypal WPP and paypal in general?


3. does my server/store need to have SSL installed and working or can the store be ran without SSL, because my store is currently without SSL.


4. can you attach or link me to a screen shot of a order from your order pages using the 2checkout payment option, so i can see what it looks like? please black out important details, im only interested in the data shown under the items area where we update the orders. i am looking for transaction id numbers in there referencing with 2checkout's services, if any.


any info is appreciated. thanks.

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You can reference order number, ordered items and customer info in the 2checkout admin panel and yes they send you an email upon a completed payment.


You dont't need SSL to use 2checkout. (Even so its advisable to have ssl in your checkout anyway)


Att. You are only allowed to use 1 url pr. 2checkout account, if you have several websites/urls you are required to get a separate account for every site.

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bear - i do have multiple stores...


does it require a call back to certain page? with paypal WPP i was able to just put the info in my module config area and i accept credit card payments from all my stores to the same account.


can you show me a screen shot of a order of yours, with sensitive info blocked out, so i can see what it looks like?

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also, how do you get paid? can you take out money whenever you want or is their service on a certain time frame payout?


i read there 3 options i think it is, but it doesnt say how often you can do them, and they charge for payouts, which sucks. lemme know. thanks.

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- Only one url/website pr. 1 account. (This is enforced by 2checkout and their TOS aswell as that there are only 1 fixed return url set in the 2checkout admin)


- Payout is done weekly as-long as you reach the minimum payout level of 300 USD . It can be done by bank wire or by check.


- 50 USD to open 1 account , no monthly fees. (If you need more than 1 account you get discount on opening additional accounts)


Att: 2checkout's verification process is different than other payment services, before starting to pay you for the sales done through them they will contact a selection of your customers and check that they have actually recived the services/products purchased from your web site.

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Some info...


2checkout is not defined as a "payment processor" but a re-seller of your services/products and as such they are very concerned about the quality of their "suppliers".


They will intially contact and verify a number of your customers before doing any payout from sales in your account.


Once they have gone through this verification process for your account, then they will not contact your customers again unless your account is subject to complaints or a routine spot-check.


Also 2checkout does "advocate" that customers can contact them directly about any issues about the order, you are then required to respond through their support system within 24 hours. (Failure to do so might result in a refund)


2checkout is not for all but they do actually provide a very wide service on behalf of their "merchants"...

This includs order fraud screening , customer support, listing of products in their online shopping mall and "payment processing" by credit card, electronic checks, bank wire, pay me later +++++


Worth to mention is that their discount rate is slightly high, which at the point of posting is 5.5% plus $0.45 a transaction, and they do keep a 6 month rolling reserve of 5% of all transactions.

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